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PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

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Skin Rejuvenation or Hair Restoration
PRP Under Eyes/Tear Trough; Decollatage; Neck
PRP - the extraction and separation of blood products that are re-injected into your own body to help form new cell growth for collagen & elastin to repair and regenerate the skin. PRP delivers a healthier skin tissue that allows the skin to look fresher and younger with a high concentration of platelets, growth factors & bioactive proteins by initiating a local stem cell response. PRP can be used under the eyes for dark circles & hollows, the full face for fine lines & wrinkles, acnes or superficial scarring, pigmentation or sun damaged skin, stretch marks or aging skin of the neck & decolletage to improve tone and texture.  Commonly thinning hair and hair loss, androgenetic alopecia and autoimmune hair loss disorders have proven benefits from PRP - backed by over 800 research studies.

Common Questions

Why do I need a consultation before treatment?

Injectables used within this clinic are classified as S4 medications, which means a  thorough consultation by a Registered Nurse or Doctor is imperative before proceeding with treatment.  Suzie is a RN with 27 years experience and prides herself firstly by offering you a thorough consultation - discussing the risks, side effects and after care of your treatment.  Suzie will then skype her licensed Prescriber (at no cost to you) for their continued consultation and authorisation of the recommended treatment.  This must occur when you are a new client, when you return for a treatment that is different to what you have had in this clinic in the past or if your medical status has changed since your last visit.

How long will my injectables last?

This answer depends primarily on the treatment provided, the dosage, the area injected and the metabolism of the person undergoing treatment.  Anti-wrinkle injections in the face typically last 4 months, while massetters and underarms may last 6-9 months for some individuals.Dermal fillers typically last anywhere from 3-24 months, once again this is primarily based on the treatment provided, the dosage, the area injected and their metabolism.PDO Mono Threads may last up to 12 months as new collagen is built up creating a firming tightness to the skin.

What if I am on a budget?

Suzie offers competitive prices to make it affordable for you.  Her pricing structure is based on varying products with differing prices based on longevity.  Suzie will discuss the prospects of longevity if you are concerned due to previous treatments injected at other premises.  Suzie has great experience with injectables and it is recommended to listen carefully to her advise. Choosing a "cheaper" product or deciding to have less than the recommended dosage may fail to show effective results in some cases.