Frequently Asked Questions:

The TGA prevents us from naming the drugs and prices of certain treatments on this website, please contact Suzie for a complimentary consultation if you wish to know more.

Where do you perform treatments?

I have my own clinic in Adelaide located at 37 Maxwell Terrace, Glenelg East.

I also travel to Seishin Spa at 4 Liverpool Street, Port Lincoln.

If you are in another city and are looking for an experienced reliable injector, please don't hesitate to reach out to on 0498 070 283 and I will do my best to accommodate you.


What can I do to prepare and what do I avoid after my treatment?

Your consultation will include an assessment of your suitability for various treatments suitable for achieving your desired outcome. To ensure you are best prepared for our various services, we recommend the following:

  • Please come make up free if possible.
  • Please eat and be well hydrated on the day of treatment.
  • You may take Arnica tablets leading up to your treatment if you are likely to bruise.
  • Immunisations received 6 weeks prior to and up to 2 weeks after treatment are best avoided.
  • Please hold off of non-essential blood thinning medications at least 3 days prior to your treatment. This includes certain vitamins such as Fish/Krill Oil, Vitamin E, garlic, Gingko, Tumeric.
  • You may exercise on the morning of your appointment but try to avoid for 24-48 hours after treatment as you may "sweat out" some of your treatment as well as bruise easily.
  • Ensure you are well, as some treatments have the potential to impact your immune system.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you have an active cold sore on the day.
  • Reschedule your volumising treatment if you have a toothache/dental appointment scheduled or a current sinus infection
  • Reschedule your appointment if you are currently on antibiotics.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 48 hours prior to and after treatment as this thins the blood and may cause bruising.
  • Avoid yoga/palates/laying down for 4 hours or a hair appointment after your treatment.
  • Do NOT have a back massage with your head in a donut pillow or a facial following your appointment for 2 weeks.
  • Do NOT have an eyebrow wax for 1 week.
  • Avoid facial laser for 2 weeks after treatments.
  • You may use ice after some volumising treatments, but do not use ice after wrinkle relaxing treatments as cold temperatures can cause poor results.
  • Do not apply make up until the next day.
  • Do not use a jade roller for 2 weeks after treatment.

If you are unclear about any of these before or after care requests, please enquire with Suzie. 

Avoid alcohol, fish oil or medications that thin the blood, smoking, 3 days prior to your treatment and 3 days after your treatment. Hot saunas/spas and strenuous exercise on the day of treatment is best avoided and furthermore for at least 48 hours following your treatment so as to maximise your results.

Avoid facials and excessive pressure to your face for the remainder of the day following your treatment - such as a massage. It may be best to sleep on your back for the first night post treatment.

The benefits of treatments for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and restoring volume may last longer if you take care of your skin. Staying well hydrated is very important as it will enhance the water absorption effect. This aids in treated areas remaining plump and wrinkle free for longer durations.

Zinc is a wonderful "healer" - Suzie recommends taking zinc 4 days prior to treatment and 4 days post. Arnica tablets are also recommended to take prior to and after treatment to help minimise the effects of bruising.

Research has indicated that smoking , severe stress and poor diet may decrease the life of some treatments. The aim of the game is to stay healthy people!


Common Areas addressed with our services to reduce the appearance of wrinkles?

Common areas to treat are - forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, chin crease, upper lip, mouth corners, brow lift, vertical lip lines/smokers lines, gummy smile, neck lines, jawline, underarms.


What is volume enhancing treatments?

As we age, we often lose volume, fat pads, bone structure, collagen, and elasticity in our bodies, which can significantly impact the appearance of our face. This can lead to premature ageing and dehydration. Volume enhancing treatments are designed to address these concerns by promoting hydration and a more youthful appearance. These treatments work by encouraging water retention, resulting in plumper, more hydrated skin. The effects are generally noticeable immediately, although individual results may vary based on each person's unique ageing process.

Suitable Treatment Areas for Volume Enhancing Treatments
Volume enhancing treatments can be effectively used in various areas to restore fullness and rejuvenate your appearance. The best areas to treat include:
Lips: Enhance lip fullness and definition.
Cheeks: Restore volume for a youthful, lifted appearance.
Temples: Address hollowing for a balanced facial contour.
Tear Troughs: Reduce under-eye hollows and dark circles.
Chin and Jawline: Define and sculpt for a more contoured profile.
Considerations and Care for Volume Enhancing Treatments
Post-Treatment Care
Swelling: Swelling is a common side effect. Allow about 2 weeks for bruising, swelling, and tenderness to subside.
Tightness: A feeling of tightness is often related to swelling. This can be managed with gentle application of cold or ice packs to the treated area within the first 24 hours.

Antihistamines: You may take an antihistamine tablet to help alleviate swelling.

Anti-inflammatory: Avoid anti-inflammatory medications for 48 hours to prevent bruising, unless absolutely necessary.


How long will effects from my treatment last?

How long will the effects from my treatment last?
The duration of the effects from volume enhancing treatments varies based on several factors:
  • Treatment Type and Dosage: The specific treatment and amount used influence longevity.
  • Treated Area: Different areas of the face or body may retain results for varying durations.
  • Metabolism: Individual metabolic rates affect how quickly the treatment is absorbed and processed by the body.
Typically, volume enhancing treatments can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months. It's essential to note that individual experiences may vary, and some areas may require more frequent touch-ups to maintain the desired results.

PDO Mono Threads may last up to 12 months as new collagen is built up creating a firming tightness to the skin.


What are PDO Mono Threads?

Threads are the insertion of a suture material just under the skin following use of numbing cream or injections. When performed in a mesh-like sequence these Threads tighten skin and help produce new collagen to give not only a rejuvenating effect but a more youthful tighter appearance alleviating a sagging neck, forehead lines and facial wrinkles. 

The use of the Double Screw Threads adds volume to an area of depletion ie cheeks. PDO Mono Threads may be applied to areas such as nasolabial folds, upper & lower cheeks, forehead & brows, jawline & neck, arms, buttocks or abdomen. 

These results may be apparent from 6 weeks for a period of 6-12 months following your procedure and the Thread itself is absorbed by the body. Because Threads are administered by needle, there is no cutting of the skin requiring suturing. This is a very popular treatment taking anywhere from 30-90 minutes depending on the area treated.


What if I am on a budget?

Suzie offers competitive prices to make it affordable for you. Her pricing structure is based on varying products with differing prices based on longevity. Suzie will discuss the prospects of longevity if you are concerned due to previous treatments at other locations. Suzie has great experience with all of these treatments and it is recommended to listen carefully to her advise. Choosing a "cheaper" product or deciding to have less than the recommended dosage may fail to show effective results in some cases.


How old must I be to be treated?

Suzie only treats people over the age of 18.


Why do I need a consultation before treatment?

A consultation with a Registered Nurse and/or Doctor is essential before any aesthetic treatment to ensure safety and suitability. This process allows you to ask questions and receive comprehensive information about potential risks, side effects, and aftercare.

Our experienced Registered Nurse, Suzie, with over 30 years of expertise, will assess your health status and discuss treatment options. For additional oversight, Suzie will consult with a licensed Medical Practitioner via video call to confirm and authorise the recommended treatment plan.


How do I know these treatments are right for me?

A thorough consultation with Suzie will assist in determining this. Suzie will not proceed with a treatment unless she feels it is in your best interest to proceed and ONLY AFTER seeking verbal and signed consent from you.

If you suffer with cold sores and these are active at the time of your consultation, Suzie will put off your treatment for another time when the virus has disappeared.


What if I am on antibiotics at the time of my treatment?

If you are antibiotics or have a fever, Suzie will not perform treatment that day as it is imperative for your immune system to be healthy at the time of treatment. Your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date when you have completed any antibiotics and your infection has resolved. 


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is required to secure your appointment. This is essential when making your booking. You will also be sent a text message reminder. Deposits paid are redeemable on your treatment. If you choose not to pay a deposit, your appointment may be prioritised to someone else who is willing to pay a deposit to guarantee their arrival.

If you fail to cancel or change your appointment time under 24 hours notice, your deposit will be non-refundable.  


Can I have treatment if I am pregnant?

It is NOT recommended to undertake aesthetic procedures while you are pregnant, breast feeding or planning on pregnancy in the next 3 months. Research performed by drug companies have determined there is a possibility of risk to women in any of these categories.


Will the treatment hurt?

Pain is a side effect due to the nature of fine needles penetrating the skin.  Peoples pain thresh hold differs. You may apply your own topical numbing cream prior to your appointment. Suzie will apply numbing cream prior to your treatment should you require it.


Will I bruise?

Short answer - yes, you most likely will. Bruising is not something any care provider tries to achieve on purpose however, bruising may occur based on some of the following:

  •    Alcohol consumption in the past 24 hours or 24 hours post treatment,   
  •    People susceptible to bruising or who have anemia
  •    Smoking
  •    Certain medications or vitamins such as fish oil, krill oil, Vitamin E, garlic, gingko, turmeric, NSAID’s eg ibuprofen, nurofen, aspirin taken 7 days prior to or after your treatment, as it thins the blood.  
  •    Heat from spas, saunas, sun, exercise

You may take paracetamol for pain relief should you need to, however it is unlikely. You may also apply ice packs gently to the skin.