Benefits of Lip Volume Restoration

Benefits of Lip Volume Restoration

Immediate Results

Lip Volumising Treatments will immediately add volume and give instant results. The treatment can also be tailored around your specific needs and desired results.

Shape & Symmetry

Lip Volumisers have numerous benefits and are highly recommended for those who struggle with wrinkles and fine lines in the mouth area or have thin and poorly shaped lips.

Volume & Fullness

Made from a natural sugar already present in the human body – our treatments are an affordable way to replicate the function of this naturally occurring substance and can restore fullness and volume in your lips.

Long Lasting

Lip Enhancers can last up to six to twelve months and in some cases longer depending on how fast the body metabolises the product.


Using market-leading Cosmetic Treatments, we produce high-quality results that embrace and enhance natural beauty.

Medical Team

Suzie has been a Registered Nurse for over 28 years and has been in the cosmetic treatment space since 2017 performing hundreds of treatments Australia Wide. 

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